3 RMB at a time (35 pence at a time)

June 27th 2017 – Start of the epic journey that would take me and three friends across Mongolia – Siberia/Russia – Europe on the Trans Mongolian and Trans Siberian. We decided to travel From Bangkok to Europe by train as much as possible as they have the least impact on the environment.  It was to be a journey to discover places we had never been and to see the ways in which different countries were experiencing climate change and any positive action they were taking towards it.

The four of us in our cabin on the train – this would be home for days at a time!


I had decided to take some reusable items with me on my journey to reduce my personal waste level. As well as my re-usable coffee cup I took;

  • reusable bag
  • stainless steel straw and bamboo straw
  • reusable fork, spoon and chopsticks

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

We also had a reusable coloured cup for the journey which I came to be very fond of! Can you spot the pink cup?

During our first takeaway coffee in Beijing, I was pleasantly surprised, as you can see from the smile on my face, to be given a 3 RMB discount for using my own cup. 3 RMB is the chinese currency equivalent of 35 pence.  This is a very easy way to help to reduce the number of single use takeaway coffee cups that are thrown away every day in the UK (this number can be up to 7 million) and also saving yourself money at the same time – what’s not to like about this??

As our journey continued, we started referring to any small positive environmental impacts as 35 pence at a time. 

It takes a while to change a habit and there are plenty times when you will forget to put it into your bag but Is this something you could change in your daily routine? 

Can you 35 pence it?

Write to me by commenting on this post or using the contact form on the home page and let me know how you have made small changes.

                                                         My reusable coffee cup :                                                                            We can’t change everything all at once but if we start to do things 35 pence at a time then it will have a positive effect on our environment. 

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