The Climate Force Challenge

“Climate change IS happening”   – Robert Swan

Rob, Barney, and the 2041 Foundation are embarking on an ambitious challenge to clean up 326 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide by the year 2025.

The reasons behind the choice of a 326 million tonne target:
  1. People enjoy and thrive on reaching targets.
  2. The population number of the United States is 326 million.
Rob and Barney’s vision is to put a campaign together that everyone can be proud of. A seven-year mission where ANYONE and EVERYONE can contribute their small efforts towards a BIG target. It is time to take action.  If you do something small, you can record it on the climate challenge app and know that you are making a difference.
Schools, companies, individuals can also add a competitive element to the challenge – Who can get rid of the most CO2??
Small effort examples:
  • plant trees
  • recycle waste
  • drive more conservatively
  • choosing to travel by train
  • car pool

Here are some of my small efforts from my trip overland:

Would you like to be involved in this?
As many of us, especially the youth of today enjoy gamification then the launch of the Climate Force Challenge app is a fun and engaging way to follow the campaign.  It will involve choosing the method you used and then this will be put towards the final target.  It will be a very visual way for different generations to connect and work towards the same goal.
 This is an excellent opportunity to take small steps – what I refer to as:
35 pence at a time
(please see my 3 RMB blog post to make sense of this phrase!) 
 When we all take small steps together, this is when change happens.
Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 19.34.37
Please follow
 We can always do better.
Thank you


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