The South Pole Energy Challenge (S.P.E.C)

The South pole energy challenge starts on November the 15th when Rob and Barney and 2 colleagues will spend 60 days walking to the South Pole surviving solely on renewable energy for power. The goal is to show that if renewable energies can work in Antarctica then they can work anywhere.  The hope is that when people and companies realise that renewable energy is better for the planet by reducing the amount of CO2 produced and also can be cheaper in the long run, we will begin to use them readily and in turn protect Antarctica from future exploitation.
Some of the cutting edge technologies they will be using are:
  • An ice melter – which will be used to produce water.
  • Batteries from GOAL ZERO used to power clean cooking stoves by using biofuel such as Algae oil.
  • Biofuel from SHELL which is produced from compost garbage
  • Solar panels

SPEC will give us a better understanding of how to use energy and how we can make positive changes to our current energy choices.

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