Skyping with schools

Last week I was invited to Skype with an eager group of Year 5 students from Luanda International School

The students were inquiring into a unit on “the concepts of explorations, innovation, impact, new discoveries and understandings”  They asked me if I could share my personal motivation or reason for exploring the Antarctic. They had fantastic questions to ask and I am very grateful to them for inviting me to speak and helping me to raise awareness amongst others.  They are now planning on becoming climate force ambassadors and creating 5 action plans to become more sustainable in their daily lives. I will keep in touch with them during the expedition and will also take a picture in Antarctica with a board saying “Year 5 Luanda International School”.

As a teacher, it was my first experience on skyping a class, normally I am standing in front of them! Since sharing the pictures on facebook I have had several schools that have approached me to ask for a skype session.  This is exactly how I would like to be spreading awareness. If any school would like to set up a Skype session with me either pre or post-expedition then please get in touch.

You can watch my video here:

In the meantime, Rob and his son Barney are now one week into their incredible mission to walk 600 miles to the South geographic pole using only renewable energy.  The updates that we have been getting show the team in good spirits and confirmation that the NASA ice melter is working well and Rob let us know that he used of the wood chip biofuel created by Shell to make a cup of tea!

Follow updates on Rob and Barney as they attempt the South Pole Energy Challenge on this facebook page:  2041 ClimateForce  or you can follow Wendy Gediman who has  an excellent website and has been posting all the updates at 80 degrees south

Track the SPEC team using this link: South Pole Energy Challenge tracker

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