Natural/Sustainable body care products workshop

Recently I have become very conscious of the amount of plastic I use with body and beauty care products and I decided to try to do something about it. That is when I discovered Bangkok soap opera.

The philosophy of the company is to raise awareness and educate others how to be kinder to their bodies and the planet by using natural ingredients that don’t cause any harmful chemicals to be ingested by the body or washed into our rivers and oceans after we use them. They are very focused on protecting people and the planet.  Maria, the founder is so passionate about her work and has a wealth of knowledge regarding each of the different ingredients and their individual benefits on the body.

Last week I attended the natural body care workshop to learn how to make natural deodorant, facial scrub and a body lotion bar.

My favourite is the facial scrub – it has made my skin feel very clean, however, I did put a little bit too much turmeric in and discovered that it turned my face a faint yellow colour!! (it washed off easily) To combat this I just needed to add more salt to the mixture.  The beauty of creating these products yourself is that you can decide what you want to go in each one.  I think I smelled every single essential oil before I decided.

Some knowledge I learned when making a scrub:

There are 4 main categories when creating your own products:

  1. Scrubbing parts – these are exfoliating ingredients that activate the blood circulation such as salt, sugar, baking soda, sesame seeds, dried kaffir leaves, almond kernels, rice, starch (gives it a silky soft feeling)
  2. Oil –  these are for nourishment – Rice bran, coconut, avocado, olive, apricot kernel
  3. Active ingredients -these should be dry and you can choose the specific things for your needs:

Problem or oily skin: Tanaka powder (also a sun protector), neem leaves (protects against mosquitos but not to be used if you are pregnant), rosella, cinnamon, nutmeg flower and turmeric.

Dry skin: Butterfly pea tea, yellow chrysanthemum petals, pandan powder (light coconut smell), white/black sesame seeds, quinoa, chia seeds, basil seeds.

Body: cinnamon, chilli peppers, menthol, ginger powder, cacao, coffee grains (after they have been used!)

4. Essential oils: you can choose these by the smell they have or your needs:

Problem or oily skin: Tea tree, Juniper, cedarwood, lemongrass, rosemary, eucalyptus.

Dry skin: Lavender (sensitive), vanilla, ylang-ylang, geranium, lotus, bullet wood (feminine smell).

Other oils you can use: Mint, bergamot (citrus/sweet), sandalwood (low note scent – lasts long), grapefruit, coffee

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 08.24.16
oh, which oil should I choose????

When creating a scrub you should use 70% Scrubbing parts, 20% active ingredients and 10% oil (this should be mostly oil  9 % with less than 1% (10 drops) of essential oil) Be careful what you choose if you are making a facial scrub – no-one wants chilli in their eyes!

We also made a body lotion bar, which is a good alternative to bottled moisturiser, using 50% beeswax or soy wax melted together with 50% coconut oil. We poured the mixture into the moulds and then added essential oil (7 drops) and a pinch of some active ingredients such as petals, starch, oats, apricot kernels. Following that, the bars were put in the fridge to set:

If you are in Bangkok, I highly recommend taking one of Maria’s courses, especially if you want to take another step towards becoming more sustainable, use less plastic and are concerned about chemicals entering your body and our waterways.  I also think it is a great course for teachers to get involved in so they can pass on knowledge to their students, as it is not only a good choice, it is a really fun activity.

Check out the Bangkok soap opera website for more details and to purchase her wide range of products:   or go to the facebook page to find out about upcoming workshops @bangkok soap opera facebook page

The next workshop I will be attending is to learn the process of making soap from recycled cooking oil. If you are interested then click this link for details:                               Workshop – make soap from recycled cooking oil

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 11.22.00

I am also delighted and very thankful to announce that Maria and Bangkok Soap Opera will be providing a small natural soap for every participant and leader on the 2041 climate force 2018 expedition to Antarctica that I will be a part of in 38 days! This is to show her support and commitment to sustainability.  If you want to know more about my journey then please see the first post on my blog: Annie of the Antarctic

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 12.03.37

If you are in the UK and are interested in changing to natural products such as shampoo bars and natural toothpaste then these websites come recommended:

If you are in Australia/New Zealand:


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