Annie’s Antarctica Expedition Update #1!

I have been overwhelmed with the support I have been receiving through donations, and through interest, from people and schools to follow the expedition. My fundraising total is now at £5057 with 5 days before I am Antarctica bound. Thank you to all who have donated to my online fundraiser and also those who have contributed to my fundraising events.  I still have more names to add to this flag as it was made a few weeks back.sponsors list

Also, thank you to Beth and Ollie Bremner for the Antarctica posters they made for me.


Recently I skyped with Nagoya International school in Japan as they were learning about “human impact on global warming” and wanted to hear my story.  The students were very engaged, had lots of questions and they particularly liked when I told them that their “poo” was a very good source of renewable energy!Nagoya skype

Penstone’s padawans!

I have also visited Bangkok Patana Student Environment club to see the great work they are doing under the guidance of James Penstone, who is a teacher that I highly admire due to his genuine passion and commitment to giving students a voice. It was here where my interest in environmental issues started.  As I was unable to do sports, I joined the SEC and was so inspired by the students in this group who really wanted to make a difference and would work at an issue for months on end without giving up.  I am so lucky to have experienced this and the students of this group are gaining valuable leadership and problem-solving skills so that they can then make informed choices when they themselves are in positions of responsibility. When I returned to visit, it was great to listen to the projects the students were collaborating on to make a difference towards creating a more sustainable school. The picture on the left below, we can see students working as a team with their teacher leader to guide them. Below right is the Recycling group that created a poster to show how to use the new recycling bins properly. They were also trying to solve the issue of smoothie lids in the school which at the moment are made of plastic – I look forward to hearing the solution they come up with.

The next school on my agenda is NEW SCHOOL – International school of Georgia.  My former PYP coordinator, Michael Palmer, is now principal at this school and has signed me up to speak to the Grade 5 students before and after the expedition. Part of my aim is to raise awareness through speaking with students in schools around the world so a big thank you from me to the teachers who have supported me to make this happen:

  • James Penstone – Bangkok Patana
  • Tina Santilli – Vientiane International School
  • Koko Pineda – Luanda International School
  • Holly Johnson – Nagoya International School
  • Michael Palmer – New School – International School of Georgia.

Bangkok Fundraiser

On Saturday 3rd February, I held a games evening in Bangkok, it was late notice but we had a lot of laughs and raised 8,600 baht. Thank you so much for those of you that came to support. For those that could not make it and still wanted to show their support, I have had lots of donations. Thank you also to Jo Simpson from the “Drunken Leprechaun” for allowing me to host this event.

SOUTH POLE – sponsorship of carbon emissions

Before I left Bangkok, I had a meeting with Ingo Puhl and Nadia Kahkonen from They are a fantastic company that help to create sustainable solutions for Carbon offsetting, through supporting emission reduction projects all over the world. I pitched my campaign to them and they have agreed to sponsor to offset my carbon emissions from my flight from Bangkok – Ushuaia – Bangkok. This journey creates 12 tonnes of CO2 and they will be offsetting it for me through one of their Thailand projects – more on that later.


Ingo has also created a company called Whapow is an ice lolly that is made using natural ingredients and algae. It’s rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3; vitamin A, iron, antioxidants. They are great to eat as a quick energizer during the day or blend with water and make a powerful morning smoothy to set you up for the day. They taste delicious and have a positive impact on the planet too as the production of Whapow ingredients actually absorbs C02.


Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 15.13.52
Myself and Ingo Puhl from Whapow and South Pole


Edinburgh Fundraiser

Last Saturday 17th February, I held a final fundraiser at The Stewart’s Melville Rugby Club in Edinburgh where my mum, Joycie works.  It was a great opportunity for me to present to my family and friends about Antarctica 2041, climate change and my personal reasons for going on this expedition.  We had a great night of horse racing, betting and a space hopper race.  Total raised was £1250 which I am extremely grateful for.  Thanks to Roddy and his team for organising the races, all who came to support, JB foods for supplying the food and Joycie, Mell, Aunty Mags and Drew for making the chilli, stovies and veggie curry. Thanks also to Stewart’s Melville Rugby club for letting me host the event.

Tuesday 20th Feb

I arrived in Buenos Aires and was collected at the airport by the lovely Julie Lacour, an ex-parent from Patana.  I am spending this week with her family in Tigre, just outside Buenos Aires. My Spanish skills have already drastically improved! I will spend the rest of the week here before heading to Ushuaia on Sunday.

Myself with Julie, Tommy, Marcos and Tita the dog in Buenos Aires

Get updates from the expedition

If you would like to sign up for updates straight to your inbox then complete this google form: Sign up for updates


If you would like to get more involved by taking part in activities and becoming a climate force ambassador (certificate included) then check out this flipgrid that I have created.  It is also a good opportunity for you to ask a question about the expedition which I will try to answer from Antarctica! There is a prize available for participation.

Stay tuned for Expedition Update number 2!

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