Eco Annie’s Earth Week Solutions #3 Carbon offsetting/neutrality.


Barney Swan and his father Robert Swan took on a challenge to walk for 65 days and 600 miles to the South Pole using only renewable energy to show the world that if it can work in Antarctica then it can work anywhere. They also took on an additional challenge to make it carbon neutral. Find out by watching this video how many tonnes of Co2 the project used.  Did they manage to clean up all the Co2 they used?


We create carbon dioxide emissions in all walks of life through using fossil fuels for many different reasons such as oil from travelling from place to place in planes and cars, buying products that have been made in machines powered by coal or natural gas, eating food that has had to be harvested using machinery and then transported to the place you buy it.  Today carbon offsetting is a voluntary system. It is a process by which you calculate your CO2 emissions and then balance those emissions with emission reduction projects in other places in the world by funding a project such as reforestation or renewable energy. It is vital that we monitor our personal carbon footprint so that we can become more sustainable.


Our voyage was carbon neutral and funded by 2041, the total amount of our emissions was 430 tonnes and those emissions were offset by 6 different projects that focused on reforestation in Madagascar and Brazil,  wind energy in China and India,  biodigesters in Vietnam and improved water infrastructure in Africa.

As part of the expedition, I was responsible for offsetting my own Carbon emissions for my flights.  My flight was Bangkok – Edinburgh – Buenos Aires – Edinburgh – Bangkok.  The total amount of emissions were – 12 tonnes. My offset was sponsored by a company called South Pole who provide solutions through emission reduction projects.    180305_Certificate_Offsetting_L_Waterston


  1. Flying is a major contributor to carbon dioxide (Co2) emissions. When you book a flight you can usually opt to offset your emissions via the airline website, however, this has not been extremely successful so far as 2017 figures from British Airways showed that 15 million tonnes of Co2 emissions were recorded yet passengers choosing to offset their flights amounted to only 40,398 tonnes.
  2. Use to calculate air, transport, energy, events, or overnight stays and then choose a project that resonates with you. This is very easy to use.
  3. UK carbon emissions calculator carbon calculator UK




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