Eco Annie’s Earth Day solutions #5 Energy Efficiency

The International Energy Agency IAE- World Energy Outlook states that:

“Transformative change in the energy sector, the source of at least two-thirds of greenhouse-gas emissions, is essential to reach the objectives of the (Paris) Agreement

SOLUTIONS TOWARDS BECOMING ENERGY EFFICIENT                                                       It is a good idea to do an audit of your energy use and then create solutions to try to reduce your energy consumption.

Here is a quick guide to simple actions you could take, some are more simple to implement than others. There are many more out there.


Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 14.22.49



The International Energy Agency IAE- World Energy Outlook Scenarios                           In two scenarios set out by the IEA, it shows the difference between the New policies scenarios (NPS) and the Sustainable Development Scenarios (SDS)

New Policies Scenario (NPS)                                                                                                      This scenario takes into consideration current energy policies and future policy intentions.

Sustainable Development Scenario (SDS)                                                                             This scenario shows an approach to achieve internationally agreed objectives such as the Paris agreement.

On the graph below you can see that there is a predicted 80% reduction in CO2 emissions coming from EFFICIENCY and RENEWABLES from using the Sustainable development scenario compared with the new policies scenario.  Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 13.34.35Source:

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